Standing Rules


Standing Rules

1.  A quorum shall consist of 25% of the voting members registered at the meeting for that specific day and two (2) officers. (4/13)

2.  At each annual conference, the membership in attendance shall adopt Rules for Procedure. (4/02)

3.  The official publication for the NCSRT, Inc., “Tarheel Technology Highlights”, shall be published a minimum of four (4) times a year and distributed to the membership. (4/16)

4.  The Committee on Nominations shall consist of a Chair and a minimum of two

(2) members. (3/23)

5.  The Committee on Nominations shall present a slate of officers with a minimum of two (2) candidates for each office. This slate shall be published in “The Tarheel Technology Highlights” and on the web site prior to the Annual Conference. (4/16)

6.  The Board of Directors shall be responsible for submitting a balanced operational budget to the membership at the Annual Conference. (4/02)

7.  The Board of Directors shall select the Reeves-Rousseau (The Double “R”) Memorial Lecturer. (4/16)

8.   The UNC Division of Radiologic Sciences Department Chair shall select the Charles Barry Burns Emerging Technologies Lecturer. (4/16)

9.  Committee chair(s) must be a member of the NCSRT, Inc. (4/13)

10.  The Board of Directors shall make the following appointments annually: Honors Committee members, Continuing Education Coordinator, editor of the NCSRT, Inc. publications, Venue Coordinator, Committee on Nominations chairman, Annual Conference Chair, One Day Meeting Chair, Legislative Chair, and Treasurer. Assistants for these appointments may also be made to provide support and continuity. (09/22)

11.  Any member may submit to the Board of Directors a recommendation for Life or Honorary membership. (4/16)

12.  Rules and regulations for scientific essay and exhibit competition shall be established by the Board of Directors. All essays will be prejudged by judges selected by the Scientific Paper/Technical Committee as outlined in the official guidelines. (4/16)

13.  The president of the NCSRT, Inc. shall appoint a chair or co-chair for the following standing committees:

  •  TECHNICAL BOWL (03/23)

14.  The fiscal year of the NCSRT, Inc. shall be from January 1st to December 31st. Membership renewals shall be mailed at least fifteen (15) days prior to renewal date. (4/12) 

15.  The membership categories and dues of the NCSRT, Inc. shall be:


  •  Active Member $40.00
  •  Advance Student Member $25.00
  •  Life Member gratis
  •  Retired Member $20.00
  • In active Member $35.00
  • Student Member $25.00 (03/23)


  • Honorary Member gratis
  • Commercial Member $40.00
  • Supporting Member $40.00 (09/22)

16.  New members shall be charged an application fee of $5.00. (4/02)

17.  Persons seeking membership reinstatement shall be charged an application fee of

$5.00. (4/02)

18.  The Registrar shall be responsible for verifying credentials. (4/13)

19.  The NCSRT, Inc. banner will be secured and kept by the Secretary for use at all official functions. (4/02)

 20.   The Historian is responsible for storing and maintaining floating trophies. The Historian must bring floating trophies to the annual conference for display. Any member borrowing NCSRT, Inc. equipment shall be responsible for the replacement of these items if lost, damaged, or stolen. (03/23)  

21.  Committee and executive reports shall be available to a member upon request. (4/02)

22.  The secretary shall submit minutes of the business session to the Board of Directors within sixty (60) days after the meeting. (4/04)

23.  The official guidelines of the NCSRT, Inc. shall contain and state the policies and procedures of the offices and committees of the NCSRT, Inc. These guidelines shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. All changes must be dated. (4/02)

24.  Approved changes to the Society bylaws or standing rules shall be published in its entirety in the “Tarheel Technology Highlights” and on the web site. (09/22)

25.  The executive office will send new members the Society bylaws and standing rules upon request of the member. (4/02)

26.  Any member given the title EMERITUS will be granted gratis registration at the NCSRT, Inc. annual conference. A purple ribbon with gold lettering “EMERITUS” will be provided for each meeting. (4/02)

27.  These standing rules shall be reviewed annually by the resolutions and bylaws committee. Additions, deletions, or amendments to these standing rules may be submitted by any member at any NCSRT, Inc. business meeting for approval by a two- thirds vote of those voting members present. (04/16)


These standing rules are effective April 2023