NCSRT Committees and Board Appointed Positions
Parliamentarian Earl J. Pearce BA, RT(R) [email protected]
Tarheel Highlights Editor Eunice Hoefling MSIT, RT(R) [email protected]
Website Liaison Jason Lincoln, M.A. RT(R)(CT) [email protected]
CE Coordinator April Pait, B.S., RT(R)(M) [email protected]
Historian Betsy Shields, MHA, RT(R) [email protected]
Registrar Emily Cash, MBA, MHA, RT(R)(MR) [email protected]
Chief Sergeant at Arms Gina Cecchino, RT(R) [email protected]
Ambassador Eunice Hoefling MSIT, RT(R) [email protected]
Instructors Anita McKnight, Chair [email protected]
Student Affairs Anita McKnight, Liaison [email protected]
Radiology Manager Charlene Montoya, MBA, RT(R)(MR)  [email protected]
Honors Meredith Gammons MHA, RT(R)(M)(CT)(MR)(BD), Chair  [email protected]
Jane Cox Scholarship Earl J. Pearce BA, RT(R)  [email protected]
Nominations Leah AveLallemant
[email protected]
Legislative Phil Blackman MEd, RT(R) [email protected]
Resolutions and Bylaws Robin Cornett M.A. Ed. RT(R)(CV) [email protected]
Social Media Melissa U. Lang, BS, RT(R)(M) [email protected]
Program Planning Committee
Venue Coordinator

Rhonda Weaver, MHA, RT(R)(M)(BD)(CT)

Phil Blackman MEd, RT(R)


[email protected]

One Day Conference Chair Emily Cash, MBA, MHA, RT(R)(MR) [email protected]
Annual Conference Committee Phil Blackman MEd, RT(R) [email protected]
Volunteers Coordinator Eunice Hoefling MSIT, RT(R) [email protected]
Scientific Posters Exhibit Jason Lincoln, M.A. RT(R)(CT)  [email protected]

Scientific/Technical Papers

Jennifer Franco BSRS, RT(R)(MR)

Anna Jackson

[email protected]

[email protected]

Technical Bowl Lauren Noble, Ed.D., RT(R) [email protected]