NCSRT Inc. Privacy Policy

Collection of Member Contact Information - updated November 19, 2012

The North Carolina Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. (NCSRT, Inc.) takes the privacy of
its members very seriously. We collect information (including name, address, telephone number,
email address, transaction information, credit card information, and date of birth) when your:

  • Register for conferences
  • Apply for or renew your NCSRT, Inc. membership
  • Create or update your personal information
  • Purchase items from NCSRT, Inc. (e.g., Shadowgraphs) or make donations to NCSRT, Inc.

The NCSRT, Inc. will use the collected information only for the purpose it was
collected. We take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information is accurate and current
but rely on our members to update and correct their personal information when necessary.
The NCSRT, Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy and security of its members.

Member Opt-Out

Any member who wishes to opt out of receiving any emails or letters from the NCSRT, Inc. may
do so by calling or writing to be put on the opt-out list, which will prevent them from receiving
further information from the NCSRT, Inc.

Information we share with others
The NCSRT, Inc. is an affiliate of the ASRT.   Request from the ASRT about member’s
information will be provided to them.

We contract and use another company (GlueUp) for specific services including updating 
contact information, credit card processing, and sending out e-blasts. This company is given only
certain information to provide for those services. We work closely with them to ensure your
privacy is protected. GlueUp has its own privacy and security policy; you can review it on

GlueUp's contract with the NCSRT, Inc. prohibits them from using your personal information for
marketing purposes or sharing that information with other parties.

We provide some links to other websites on our site. We do this to provide you with the information
that you need. These websites are independent of the NCSRT, Inc. website. They have their own
privacy and security policies. We strongly encourage you to check their policies before using
their websites.

The NCSRT, Inc. takes appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is not
altered or misused.

Change in Policy
Periodically we may make some changes in our privacy policy. Changes made will be posted on the
website. Check our website for any changes.

Contact Info.
If you have any comments or questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at:

NCSRT, Inc. Central Office
P.O. Box 1096
Welcome, NC 27374
888-276-8931 (Fax) (email)